Prospectus for commercial real estate listings

Prospectus for commercial real estate listings

When looking forward to commercial real estate sales or leasing situations, you will meet and will talk to many people daily. The more people you do with it better. Prospecting is crucial for your companys growth and listing processes in any market.

It is interesting to consider which prospecting situation you most often find. The answer is different for everyone, because each person has communication preferences and approaches that work for them over other standard methods. It is therefore most important to prospect the way that suits your character and business style.

Your daily exploration method should be the thing that works for you and gives you the best results and can be any or all


Door to door

networking Events


Face to face contact

In all respects, prospecting and the meeting process will improve if you process it and use a small number of statements that pay attention to the prospects. We call these statements Prospect Value Statements PVS and they must relate to you and your commercial or investment real estate market.

Prospectus Safety Statements

The Prospect Value Statement is one of a kind and should match you, your business and your focus. It should clearly declare and communicate the basic reason why your organization exists and why you sell or rent commercial investment properties from the perspective. Its the most important thing you can learn and use in commercial real estate. Having said that, its amazing how many sellers in commercial real estate do not master the concept and some never even know about it. PVS is such an important statement to your conversion process that we will spend time now on it to help you design your own.

So why is PVS so important? It briefly, clearly and precisely defines what you do and how you do it in commercial real estate. Its even better that your customers and prospects can see and know why they are going to do business with you. PVS will tell them you are better than the competitors in the market.

PVS plays a role in almost every business opportunity and prospect situation you encounter.

Sample of a commercial PVS

We help our commercial investors in the Salisbury industrial market to find new tenants that match their investment plans or cash flow expectations, thus enjoying a more stable investment. We do this by making all tenants changes in the region over the next three years and targeting the Desirable tenants at the right time for our customers.

Specimen structure of a PVS

We help our commercial clients companies, tenants or investors in ... industry or business or market segment or site to ... and enjoy ... Well do this ...

In order to do this work, it is important for you to know and really understand what profit return you actually deliver to your commercial property prospects, customers and customers whether they are landlords, tenants or investors. You must also know exactly what benefit your customers or customers really want, enjoy, achieve, or have in this market. Your PVS is matched to the end user of your services all the time.

Your PVS will also change over time, as it will be relevant to the current market conditions and the pressure that your prospects need to be solved.

So what results and benefits do prospects need?

Before you start creating a PVS or a series of them for you and your business, lets define some of the results and benefits that are typical desired results for a customer or prospectus in a commercial property sales or lease. Think about your market. What are the priorities for your prospects today?

Commercial real estate leasing situations

Stable tenant

Good rent

Long lease

Large tenants

Quality tenants

Ability to renovate

Make good commitments

Growth of rent

Stability of the rent

Sound lease document

Solution of job vacancies faster

Commercial real estate Sales situations

Fast sales

Higher price

Confidential sales

Method of sale

Faster deal

Good request

Good marketing and marketing

Extensive market coverage

Sales to investors

Sales to owners of owners

Given these benefits and your market developments now in your position, you should be able to easily build a series of PVS models to suit the prospects you handle. Ideally, you should quickly call 2 or 3 of these statements in each prospectus conversation to match the needs or interests of the prospects you are talking to.

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